Reducing the Signs of Aging from the Neck

Published on June 29, 2017

Sagging skin on the neck or under the jaws can make you look older and tired. One of the most effective ways to treat the problem is to get a neck lift. This procedure can benefit you in a number of different ways. It can help remove excess skin that causes sagging, and it also removes stubborn fat deposits that can make your jawline look undefined. In addition to removing excess skin and removing fatty deposits, it will also tighten the neck muscles, giving the neck a smoother, and more youthful appearance.

Why You May Consider a Neck Lift

A neck lift is an ideal solution for enhancing the neck and jawline’s aesthetic appeal. With so many other procedures available to you, however, you may be wondering if there is a particular reason why you should choose a neck lift over other procedures?

Because the skin around the neck is thin, the signs of aging tend to appear in the neck region earlier than the face. A face that looks younger than the neck is unsightly and can create an appearance of discontinuity. This is why you might like to have a neck lift. It can improve the look of your neck and help you gain a youthful look overall.

Are You a Suitable Candidate?

Before undergoing a neck lift procedure, it is important for you to find out of you will make a proper candidate. Many patients want to undergo the procedure, but the surgery may not be recommended for them. These patients include those with diabetes and other severe medical conditions that can make the surgery risky.

You should be in good general health and ready to follow your surgeons instructions. These instructions may require you to stop taking certain medications and to refrain from smoking for several weeks.

Types of Surgery

There are different types of neck lift techniques that can be used by your surgeon. These include a complete lift and a partial neck lift. When you choose to undergo a complete neck lift, your surgeon will create an incision near the ears and continue downwards. If you choose a partial neck lift, your surgeon will create a smaller incision.

A complete neck lift allows for the removal of more excess skin and fat and provides more substantial results. The partial neck lift is more suitable for those who require minor enhancements.

What to Expect

Patients are advised to have realistic expectations about the results provided by the surgery. It will take a few weeks for the incisions to heal and for your final results to appear more clearly. The resulting post-surgical marks are usually concealed under the hair. While the incisions heal, you might need to wear supportive bandages.

Your surgeon may use dissolving sutures so that you don’t have to come in for a second sitting to have the sutures removed. You will also need to wear a drainage tube for a few days as you recover.

Some patients also experience swelling around the incisions, and this can be treated with medications prescribed by your surgeon and by keeping your head in an elevated position. You will also need to have someone drive you home after surgery, since you will not be able to drive for a few days after surgery.

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