The Neck Lift Can Improve the Contours of Your Neck

Published on August 31, 2017

As you age, you may begin to notice excess sagging skin and fat deposits in a variety of different areas, especially around the neck. Having sagging skin on the neck area isn’t aesthetically pleasing and can make you look much older. Through innovative plastic surgery procedures, however, People who have excess skin and fat tissue on the neck can address the issue.

There are a great deal of surgical options available to those who want to enhance their features and look more youthful. One of the most popular of these procedures is a neck lift and it is a great option for both men and women who want to improve the contours of their necks.

What is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a plastic surgery treatment that will address the excess tissue of the neck without affecting any other area of the face. It will correct the visible signs of aging by tightening excess skin and removing stubborn fat deposits in the designated area. Your surgeon will remove the excess tissue through a combination of liposuction and skin excision.

A neck lift can improve the look of your neck and enhance your overall appearance. It can help you look more youthful and feel more confident in your appearance after the procedure is completed.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Your surgeon will construct a customized plan that will be tailored to your specific needs. For those that suffer from mild fat deposition, your surgeon will use liposuction to extract the excess fat from the neck region.

For patients who exhibit more pronounced signs of aging or those who are overweight and have a lot of fat deposition in their necks and lower chin, your surgeon will remove any excess skin and fat tissue.

A neck lift surgery may take around two to three hours to complete depending on the extent of skin and fat that needs to be removed. Your surgeon will administer anesthesia to help ease any discomfort you may feel during the procedure.

Who Needs a Neck Lift?

• You have visible jowls in the lower region of your face or neck
• Your chin appears larger due to fat deposition
• Your neck sags due to loosening muscles
• Your neck skin has lost its natural elasticity
• You have any other visible signs of aging in the neck region that you wish to remove

If any of the above cases sounds like you, then a neck lift will be a good option to satisfy your needs.

Preparing for the Surgery

Before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, it is important to understand the potential risks involved. This is no different when preparing to undergo a neck lift, but with an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed the procedure numerous times, you can feel confident knowing that you are in caring hands.

Your care provider may advise you to make changes to your diet and ask you to avoid consuming things that are high in fat and alcohol content. This might be suggested nearly a month before the actual surgery.

Before moving forward, your surgeon will examine your body as a whole to make sure that you are ready to undergo the procedure.

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