“Dr. Lee made me feel very at ease”

Published on January 1, 2014

Absolutely amazing simplifies my entire satisfaction with my experience with Dr. Lee. I knew going in that I wanted to have my face and neck lifted. I was 63, but felt 40 and with my sagging jowls and chin I felt I looked 75. My husband and i discussed this and he was very supportive of my decision. My first experience when greeted at the Orange County office was a very positive one. The nurse that talk, in detail, about the program was very pleasant, profession, and answered all of my questions. Dr. Lee made me feel very at ease by explaining what he was doing during the entire procedure. After the procedure was complete my husband drove me home. I slept, went back the next day to have the head wrappings removed. I looked in the mirror and my first reaction was to cry. I felt so happy with what the mirror was showing me. I couldn’t thank the staff enough and when Dr. Lee came in I hugged him and thanked him. For the next week, I felt very little pain, didn’t really need the pain pills, Tylenol was able to give me the relief I needed. I returned after a week to have my stitches removed. I am amazed with the improvement already. Very little bruising and swollen remained. My grandchildren came over after 7 days and my 8 year old grandson said “grammy you look much younger, like a different person.” Kids are honest, that’s what I saw also. Words will really never explain the joy i now feel, this has changed my life forever. I am more than happy, I’m ecstatic!


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