“Dr. Lee was very gentle and reassuring”

Published on May 31, 2013

I didn’t like my neck, my jawline or my chin. My neck was saggy and had 2 bands sticking out. My chin was disappearing and I was starting to get jowls. When I put my head down, I got a double chin. I saw Dr. Raymond Lee. I asked about his experience, and what he would recommend for me. He told me that he had done over 3,000 facial procedures. I wanted a chin implant, but he said that I DIDN’T need it! And he was right. After getting a beautiful sharp jawline again, my chin is pointed the way it used to be. I look younger now, but more importantly, I look good for my age. (I’m 62). I was not trying to look younger, I just wanted to look better. Nobody knows I had surgery, unless I tell them. But here are some comments I have gotten: “You look like you’re having a good day”. “I just feel better when I see you”. And of course: “Did you lose weight?, You look really good”. And from my mother: “You’re gorgeous! You look like a movie star”. I am so happy with the results. During the surgery, I was sedated with Valium, and the whole thing seems like a dream. I know everyone is different but I had a lot of pain on and off for a few weeks, but it was tolerable with over-the-counter pain relievers taken regularly every day. I only took 3 pain killers during the first week. After 2 weeks, I barely took an Advil. Dr. Lee was very gentle and reassuring. The whole staff was a PLEASURE to deal with. I am so grateful for the precision work done by Dr. Lee. He is an artist and a professional in every way. Thank you. I would recommend Dr. Lee to everyone who wants to change their aging appearance.


Newport Beach  PH. 949 706 2277

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