Overall my experience was amazing!

Published on April 9, 2013

My sister and I had talked for years about having a facelift done when I turned 60. We laughed about how we were aging and how we felt so much younger than we looked. Tragically, my sister died of ovarian cancer before we could share this experience. But, I know that she is pleased that I went ahead and was with me all the way. A close friend and I went for or consultation together. The consultant was informative and encouraging. At the end of our consultation we both decided to have the procedure! We were so excited, like kids waiting for Christmas morning! My appointment with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee, went wonderfully. He and the surgical tech staff put me at ease. They were easy to talk to and anxious to answer all of my questions. I was provided with great detail on what to expect leading up to the procedure, during the procedure and after the procedure. Everyone was so positive and happy to be of help. I really liked Dr. Lee. He was honest and through. I felt very confident about him and the work that he was doing. I was so comfortable. I now had all the information I needed and I was more than ready to have the procedure done. I left with a “to do” list to prepare for the big day. Once home I came up with more questions. No problem. The surgical staff were always available to assist me by phone. The day of the procedure I was excited and a little nervous. But, once in the surgical suite, I was relaxed and ready. No pain during the procedure. I remember some of the music that was playing and I remember saying, “I love that song”. I was there but, not aware of what was being done! Everything went perfectly and to plan. The next few days were a bit uncomfortable but, not bad. I followed all instructions given to me. The staff checked in, calling me to see how I was doing. I had sutures removed at 1 week. Wow! Wow! I looked great! More healing to do but, I looked so much younger. Couldn’t keep me from smiling. I continued healing at home, following all instructions given to me by Dr. Lee and the surgical techs. At week 2, I returned to work. I wore my hair down. I usually wear it pulled back. Everyone was saying, your hair looks so good down. You should wear it down more often. Or, did you get new highlights in your hair? So funny, they knew I looked great but didn’t know why!! Perfect! The change is subtle, natural and beautiful! I had my follow up wit Dr. Lee at 40 days. He was as pleased as I am with the results. He is just great! Overall my experience was amazing! I would say “Do It!” to anyone. I feel so good about myself and I am taking better care now too. Wear sunscreen always! I want to thanks the staff at Dr. Lee’s Orange County office, you are wonderful and amazing people. You truly care about your clients and it shows. Keeping working those miracles!!


Newport Beach  PH. 949 706 2277

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