“There was minimal discomfort with maximum results!”

Published on May 3, 2013

I had been considering a face lift for some time because of my jowls and the sagging skin on my neck. My husband and I had been discussing this and collecting information, ads from different articles, etc., but the final decision was made after I talked (in person) to a friend of a friend who had the procedure 5 years ago and was so pleased (she was 62 when she had her surgery). She still looked great and was very pleased! That did it! I called and made an appointment for me and my husband for a consultation and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Lee. With my husband’s encouragement and support, I scheduled my surgery for two weeks later. The office staff made sure I was very comfortable with the entire procedure. I especially appreciated the fact that I was put in a twilight sleep and not out completely since I have terrible reactions to anesthetic procedures. I was in and out of their facility within four hours. No surgery is pleasant, but I have to say that this was the best experience I have had, and unfortunately, I have had several surgeries. There was minimal discomfort with maximum results! My friends are amazed with the results. Everyone has commented that I look younger, refreshed and don’t have that ‘taunt pulled look’. Some have even commented that I appear more comfortable and confident with myself. Thanks to Dr. Raymond Lee and his staff for their wonderful work and pleasant surroundings during what I expected to be an uncomfortable experience. My recovery was quick with only two days of actual down time. Within one week I was entertaining my neighbors to show-off my new look. Even though there was some swelling with light bruising, I was so excited that I wanted to share with everyone what results could be obtained with little discomfort. My husband and I want to thank Dr. Lee and his gifted and professional staff for their expertise and concern during this procedure. It is exciting for me to be able to share with others what I experienced. I couldn’t be happier.


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