How to Know You’re Ready for Botox®

Published on May 8, 2018

To get Botox®, or not to get Botox®—that seems to be the question on the minds of women (and men) spanning from ages 25 to 65. Hailed as the most effective wrinkle treatment on the market today, Botox®, or botulinum toxin, is just one of many FDA-approved brands that do the very same thing. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 7 million Botox® procedures were performed in 2016 alone, and over 126,500 of them were on adults under the age of 29. So, if age isn’t always a determinable factor to help in your decision to get Botox®, what is?

You Start Noticing Deep-Set Wrinkles and Thinner Skin
For most people, this happens in their late 30s or early 40s, and can be determined when fine lines start appearing in unwanted places. Botox® freshens up the face and temporarily reduces the appearance of lines, like glabella ‘elevens’ (the parallel furrow between your brow). You can start once you notice the angry look or the fine lines appearing. It’s best to do the procedure around the time these lines begin to appear, however, because once you have deep-set wrinkles and your skin is significantly thinner (50+ years), neurotoxins alone are not sufficient.

You See Deep Wrinkles When You Make Facial Expressions
Known as dynamic rhytids, these wrinkles disappear when you’re no longer making any facial expressions. One you have static rhytids, or wrinkles that remain on your face once you are no longer making facial expressions, it can be difficult to treat the fine lines. In these cases, Botox® may not be sufficient to completely erase the wrinkles. However, Botox® can still reduce the depth of the static wrinkles and prevent them from becoming deeper and more ‘etched in’, by minimizing muscle contraction in the treated area(s).

You’re Looking to Improve Facial Symmetry
If one eyebrow sits lower than the other, or one side of your mouth raises when you smile or speak, Botox® can be used to relax one of the sides and create a more symmetric appearance, temporarily. The exact anatomy of this procedure is complex, but if done correctly, can last for much longer than Botox® for wrinkles. It’s important to note that this is a very advanced procedure and should only be undertaken by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Lee, who is very proficient in Botox® injections in the lower face.

You’re Looking to Reduce the Appearance of a ‘Gummy’ Smile
While by no means something that requires treatment, a gummy smile is a term used to describe a person whose upper teeth and gums show prominently when they smile and laugh. Botox® can be used to lower the lip so that it covers more of the gum area. Most of the time this simply requires one or two injections right below the nose in a very carefully designated location, depending on the individual patient’s anatomy. This is another procedure where effects can last months to years.

You’re Looking to Shrink or Soften your Jawline
The masseter muscle, which is used for chewing and grinding of the teeth, can be fuller in some people than others, and even enlarged in patients who grind their teeth. Botox® can be performed in this area to soften the jawline. In fact, using Botox® for the masseter to soften a square jaw in women is the number one use of Botox® in Asia, particularly in South Korea. It is very effective when done properly in softening the muscle, elongating the lower face and making a square jaw or square face more heart-shaped or oval. It also involves a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the lower face and should be undertaken only by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon very proficient in treating the lower face with Botox® as is Dr. Lee.

Dr. Raymond Lee is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in facial rejuvenation under local anesthesia. He has been practicing in Orange County for the past 12 years, and has performed over 4000 facial rejuvenation procedures under light anesthesia.

Dr. Lee wants you to “Experience Beauty, the most natural way”, and does not believe in the old traditional facelift. Over the course of his career, he has mastered the art and science of facial rejuvenation with natural results, minimal sedation, and easy recovery. His signature “FACEology LIFT” (face and neck lift alternative) is the embodiment of all these elements and is what he is widely sought out for in Orange County.


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