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What Is a FACEology LIFT?

The FACEology LIFT is a facelift alternative for today’s active patient seeking face and neck rejuvenation. The FACEology LIFT is Dr. Raymond Lee’s natural evolution and interpretation of the traditional facelift based on his knowledge and experience of nearly 4,000 facial cosmetic procedures.

He has developed a unique simplified facelifting technique under local anesthesia, striking a balance between natural lasting rhytidectomy results and easier recovery. The natural and lasting results, easy anesthesia, and quicker recovery are the hallmarks of the FACEology LIFT.

Facelift Techniques

As we age, skin loses its collagen and fat, gets thinner, and starts to sag. As a result, we then acquire deepened nasolabial folds, jowls, and marionette lines by the mouth. In addition, fatty accumulation over time leads to double chins, and loose muscle/skin causes the sagging “turkey” neck.

There is a spectrum of surgical facelift techniques to address these aging-face changes, from simple to complex. These range from mini lifts and neck lifts to traditional facelifts such as SMAS lifts and deep-plane lifts.

Some of these lifts have very minimal incisions and downtime, but with these come minimal and short-lived results. Traditional types of facelifts have long-lasting results but prolonged swelling and recovery, higher risk of nerve damage, and possibly tight unnatural-looking results.

Facelift and Necklift
Facelift and Necklift

*Individual results may vary

Facelift and Necklift
Facelift and Necklift

*Individual results may vary

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With Dr. Lee’s extensive experience, the FACEology LIFT was developed, blending many of these surgical techniques to find the best of both worlds, resulting in natural lasting results with an easier recovery and less downtime. Moreover, this procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Having operated on thousands of patients, Dr. Lee in Newport Beach has developed a unique way to lift and tighten the underlying SMAS muscle layer to give the most natural and long-lasting rhytidectomy results while offering an easier recovery.

How Is a FACEology LIFT Different from a Traditional Facelift?

The FACEology LIFT addresses the same aging face and neck areas as a traditional facelift. However, it is less invasive with less risk to muscles and nerves and has smaller incisions hidden in the hairline and natural borders of the ear. These incisions heal very well and blend in and ultimately are barely noticeable, if at all.

The SMAS layer is still tightened and excess skin is still removed to get you a defined jaw and neckline. Again, the results are more natural and the recovery is quicker and easier.

A traditional facelift typically takes three to four hours and is performed in a hospital or overnight surgery center. General anesthesia involving breathing tubes and gases; intravenous lines (IVs); and morphine are commonly used with traditional facelifting.

In contrast, Dr. Lee’s FACEology LIFT in Newport Beach is performed safely and comfortably under local anesthesia and oral sedation, typically valium. The FACEology LIFT may take one and a half to two hours depending on each patient’s unique needs.

The procedure is performed in an outpatient accredited surgery center. Overnight stays in a hospital or surgery center are not required for a FACEology LIFT.


I knew going in that I wanted to have my face and neck lifted. I was 63 but felt 40, and with my sagging jowls and chin, I felt I looked 75. […] My first experience when greeted at the Orange County office was a very positive one. The nurse that talked in detail about the program was very pleasant, professional, and answered all of my questions. Dr. Lee made me feel very at ease by explaining what he was doing during the entire procedure. After the procedure was complete, my husband drove me home. I slept, went back the next day to have the head wrappings removed. I looked in the mirror and my first reaction was to cry. I felt so happy with what the mirror was showing me. I couldn’t thank the staff enough, and when Dr. Lee came in, I hugged him and thanked him. […] My grandchildren came over after 7 days and my 8-year-old grandson said ‘Grammy, you look much younger, like a different person.’ Kids are honest, that’s what I saw also. Words will really never explain the joy I now feel, this has changed my life forever. I am more than happy, I’m ecstatic!


by Vicki, San Clemente, age 63, facelift and neck lift under local anesthesia*

*Individual results may vary

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Who Is a Good Candidate for a FACEology LIFT?

Anyone in relatively good health, male or female, who is showing signs of aging in the lower face and neck and wants to look refreshed can be a candidate for a FACEology LIFT.

If one desires more correction in their neck versus the face or vice versa, the procedure is uniquely tailored to their needs.

Early signs of facial aging may be seen in the early 40s, or aging may be more advanced as seen in someone in their 70s. Either way, the FACEology LIFT is modified based on how much aging there is and where.

The trend now shows younger patients in their forties and fifties seeking surgical rejuvenation. Dr. Lee’s youngest patient was 38 years old. Due to extreme weight loss, she had a sagging neck that was out of proportion to her age. The oldest was a happy 89-year-old who lived and acted much younger than her age!

Other candidates include patients who have exhausted non-surgical facial-rejuvenation options such as fillers, Botox, and lasers and want to get greater results with a reasonably priced and safe surgical procedure.

Also, there are patients who are socially active and likely working and need to minimize time off. If you appear more tired and older than you really feel and want to look rejuvenated and more vibrant, the FACEology LIFT may be the solution for you.



How Long Is the Recovery and What Is It Like?

Without the necessity for general anesthesia and with the less-invasive surgical techniques, patients are able to enjoy natural results sooner while experiencing less downtime and discomfort.

Patients will typically take a mild-to-moderate prescription pain pill for two to three days after surgery. There will be some bruising and acute swelling, but the majority of it will dissipate in about a week.

Patients will come in the day after their procedure to remove the dressing to make sure everything is healing well and to reinforce the incision care. Also, there is a one-week visit to remove your fine sutures. Most patients will drive themselves to the suture-removal appointment.

Patients usually require seven days off and can resume their physical activities in two weeks. Of course, these times will vary depending on the patient’s health, level of aging, and any other procedures combined with the facelift; the procedure is often combined with facial plastic surgery procedures like a neck lift, eyelid lift, brow lift, and/or laser resurfacing.
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What Is the Cost of a FACEology Lift?

Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and without general anesthesia, the cost for a FACEology LIFT is much less than a traditional facelift. Also, an overnight stay at a surgery center or hospital is not required, further reducing your cost.

We have financing options available. We understand that this is a financial commitment, but consider it an investment in you. You deserve to invest the time and money in yourself. It’s time to take care of you.

Experience Beauty with the FACEology LIFT in Newport Beach and Orange County.

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