Surgical Mission Statement

I would like to announce the creation of FACEOLOGYMD®. As both Founder and Medical Director, I have envisioned and brought to practice a comfortable environment where my patients can receive expert facial care in the most natural way. FACEOLOGYMD® has been built upon ten years of experience in the facial aesthetic field, and thousands of positive patient experiences.

Together we will determine what surgical or non surgical procedures would be best to achieve your desired look. From HydraFacials to cleanse your pores to the “FACEology LIFT” under local anesthesia, there is a solution to enhance your natural beauty and help you look and feel like the younger you that you deserve.

I want you to “Experience Beauty” in the most natural way. I don’t believe in the old traditional facelift that often create pulled and unnatural results. Over the course of my career, I have mastered the art and science of facial rejuvenation with natural results, minimal sedation, and a simple recovery. My signature “FACEology LIFT” is the embodiment of all these elements and offers my patients an opportunity to take years off of their face without the hassles of a prolonged recovery.

When it comes to surgery, honesty is always the best policy. I believe in an honest approach to the patient, and doing the right thing for every patient without exception. I will take the time to talk with you, not to you, and be sure I understand all of the needs, wishes and concerns you may have.

With my extensive knowledge and experience, I will let you know the best approach to achieve your desired results, and also importantly, what may not need. Staying abreast of advancing technologies and surgical techniques allows me to offer you the most current and proven treatments that will result in the rejuvenated and refreshed look you are seeking. I understand the role of recovery in your surgical process, and will ensure you are prepared in order to minimize downtime. Your best interest is my top priority, and I will always strive to balance your optimal result with the best value for your investment.

As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, I believe a natural, non-operated look is best and leads to the highest rate of success for my patients. This combined with an easier and simplified recovery allows you to enjoy your newly rejuvenated look without the risks of general anesthesia and a prolonged recovery.

Faces are my canvas, and enhancing and restoring beauty is my medium. Every patient is a showcase of my artistic and surgical abilities, so your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. As an artist, I understand that each face is as unique as the individual and deserves special care and concern. My main focus is your happiness and health, and will strive to ensure both.

You have my personal and professional commitment throughout your facial rejuvenation journey from consultation to treatment to aftercare. Your happiness is my happiness.


Raymond Lee, M.D.


Newport Beach  PH. 949 706 2277

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