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Lip Lift Surgery

A lip lift is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the upper lip by shortening the distance between the lip and the base of the nose. It can be suitable forindividuals who are dissatisfied with the length or shape of their upper lip and desire a more defined, youthful, or balanced lip appearance.

As we age, the distance between the nose and the upper lip can increase, leading to a less youthful appearance. The Cupid’s bow is the “M” shape of the upper lip, with age this also begins to lack definition or appear flattened. A lip lift can help rejuvenate the lip area and restore a more youthful aesthetically pleasing look.

How does Dr. Ghazizadeh do a Deep plane lip lift?

A deep plane lip lift is a specific technique used in lip lift surgery that involves repositioning the deeper structures of the lip to achieve the desired lift and rejuvenation. It is a more advanced and invasive approach compared to traditional lip lift techniques. A deep plane lip lift requires expertise and experience and is performed by only a handful of surgeons.

During a deep plane lip lift, Dr. Ghazizadeh makes an incision along the base of the nose, similar to other lip lift techniques. However, instead of primarily focusing on the skin excision, the deep plane technique involves dissecting deeper layers of tissue, including the muscle and soft tissue attachments. This allows for more precise and controlled manipulation of the lip’s position and shape.

By accessing and adjusting the deeper structures, a deep plane lip lift can provide more dramatic and long-lasting results compared to other techniques. It allows for better control over lip height, lip curvature, and overall lip projection. The procedure can enhance the vermilion (pink portion of the lip) visibility, create a more defined Cupid’s bow, and restore a more youthful appearance to the lip area.

Do I need a corner lift?

A corner lift, also known as a lateral commissuroplasty or corner of mouth lift, is a surgical procedure aimed at lifting and rejuvenating the corners of the mouth. Dr. Ghazizadeh will assess if you need this procedure and it is tailored specifically to each patient’s anatomy. The corner lift procedure aims to create a more uplifted and youthful appearance by reversing the drooping or frowning expression of the mouth corners. It can improve the symmetry, balance, and overall aesthetic of the mouth area, creating a more rejuvenated and pleasant appearance.

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What is better? Lip lift surgery or lip filler?

Lip filler can increase volume in the pink lip but does not correct an elongated upper lip. With age, the length of the white philtrum elongates and the pink lip begins to thin. These changes result in a thinner lip, loss of the defined vermilion shape, loss of youthful dental show and an overall lengthened appearance to the midface. For patients who have a long upper lip, lip filler cannot replace corrective surgery. In fact, fillersactually make the disproportionate length.

How much skin should be removed during a lip lift surgery?

The amount of skin that should be removed during a lip lift surgery can vary depending on the individual’s anatomy and the desired outcome. The goal of a lip lift is to achieve a balanced and natural-looking result, so the amount of skin removal will be tailored to each patient.

During the consultation with Dr. Ghazizadeh, she will assess your specific concerns, examine your facial anatomy, and discuss your desired outcome. She will then determine the appropriate amount of skin to be removed to achieve a more defined and balanced lip appearance.

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