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A split or torn earlobe is one of the most common outward deformities of the ear. This usually results from heavy earrings, an earlobe that is pierced improperly or from an earring being ripped from the lobe.

The severity of the earlobe tear will determine the type of repair needed. Small flaps are sometimes necessary to redesign the earlobe. Absorbable sutures are generally utilized and are well camouflaged. Dr. Lee uses a specialized suturing technique to minimize scar formation and visibility. There is minimal discomfort after otoplasty and patients can return to work immediately following the procedure. It is imperative, as with all surgeries, that the patient follows all of the post op instructions to ensure optimal results. Experience Beauty with Ear Lobe Repair in Newport Beach and Orange County.

Your Earlobe Repair Consultation

Prior to your earlobe repair operation, Dr. Lee will discuss your medical history with you and perform a physical examination. Bleeding disorders, diabetes, and smoking are some of the health concerns that might influence wound healing.

Before your earlobe repair procedure, Dr. Lee will ask about your specific goals and analyze the hole to determine its size and condition, as well as the anatomy of the surrounding tissue. Some earlobes simply require closure, while others require a more complicated tissue rotation. If both earlobes need repair, they are usually done at the same time.

The Earlobe Repair Procedure

Earlobe repair procedures are usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. After cleaning the earlobe, excess skin is trimmed away. Depending on the situation, tissue may be rotated.

To relieve tension on the exterior part of the incision, the wound is then closed in layers with sutures. When everything is healed, there are generally small post-surgical marks.

What Happens After an Earlobe Repair Procedure?

The majority of patients are capable of driving themselves home after this procedure. Most patients who undergo an earlobe repair procedure return to work the next day, if not the same day.

It is best to avoid putting pressure on the ear during your recovery. Avoid wearing headphones and avoid sleeping on your ear.

Depending on the circumstances, absorbable sutures may be used to close the skin. If not, after five days, the sutures will be removed.

If you want to pierce your ears again, you won’t be able to do it directly on the scar, since the scar tissue is weaker and more likely to rupture. For better results, request that the new piercing be done on the right or left side of the scar.

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