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Published on August 24, 2015

Many people are making the switch from surgery to laser procedures to make their skin look and feel smoother and tighter. Laser skin tightening is a comfortable procedure using bipolar radiofrequency energy to combat aging and sagging skin.

This gentle, non-invasive way to rejuvenate the skin focuses on stimulating collagen growth and causes no damage to the tissue. As a result, there is no blood, bandages or downtime.

Bipolar radio frequency energy treats the elastin fibers of the skin, which serve as the support framework for the skin. Laser skin tightening helps with acne scars, evens out skin complexion and corrects other imperfections and irregularities.

If laser skin tightening sounds like the procedure for you, contact our Newport Beach office for a consultation. Double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Lee will assist you during the procedure. Call or email today!

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