Neck Lift for the Summer — Newport Beach

Published on March 31, 2016

It can be embarrassing to show off parts of your body that you aren’t very proud of. With summer on its way, individuals may wonder why you are hiding your neck when it is so hot outside. With the right plastic surgeon, patients can boost their confidence with a neck lift and enjoy the summer without feeling self-conscious.

At FACEOLOGYMD®, there is a staff of Newport Beach professionals that are focused on client-centered service. Our staff will ensure you have redefined neck contours worth showing off this summer. Keep in mind, patients will need to provide evidence that they are of good mental, emotional and physical health before proceeding with a neck lift.

Make sure that you are working with a physician you can trust. With board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Lee, you can rest assured that he will give you the best treatment possible. Contact us today for more information regarding the neck lift procedure!


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