Earlobe Repair Surgery

Published on July 7, 2017

The earlobes are comprised primarily of soft skin and fatty tissue. Earlobes vary significantly in size, shape and form, and the delicate tissues of the earlobe are very susceptible to injury or trauma. Earlobe repair surgery is an effective treatment option for patients seeking to address aesthetic issues pertaining to one or both earlobes.

Earlobe repair surgery may involve:

  • reducing the size or elongated, sagging or overly large earlobes;
  • minimizing an enlarged piercing hole;
  • correcting congenital earlobe abnormalities
  • reconstructing the earlobe after trauma, injury, skin cancer treatment, or earlobe changes resulting from body art procedures


While many earlobe repair procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, the precise surgical details and approach will depend upon the patient’s unique aesthetic goals, earlobe anatomy, and the extensiveness of the repair required. Reconstructive earlobe procedures often involve the removal of adjacent scar tissue, followed by delicate suturing to repair the injury and create a more aesthetically pleasing earlobe structure.

In most cases, patients will eventually be able to pierce the repaired earlobe; however, it is advisable to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before doing so, and heavy earrings should be avoided so as to prevent stretching or unnecessary strain on the earlobe.

Dr. Raymond Lee is an award winning, double board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in facial rejuvenation under local anesthesia. He has been practicing in Orange County for over 10 years and has performed 4000 facial rejuvenation procedures under light anesthesia.

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