It’s Wedding Season–Are You Ready for Your Big Day?

Published on March 27, 2017

An increasing number of brides, grooms (and mothers of both!) are relying on cosmetic procedures for wedding day perfection. Whether you’re looking to get rid of frown lines or wrinkles or wanting to a complete facelift, cosmetic enhancements can be a great option to achieve the look you want before your special day.

In a recent survey, it was revealed that upwards of 10% of future brides now undergo some form of plastic and/or cosmetic corrective surgery or treatment before their wedding. This includes injections of Botox and fillers as well.
The surge in pre-wedding plastic surgery is attributed not just to social media but the growing diversity of plastic surgery options available today. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is safer and more cost effective than ever before. Likewise, the technology is becoming so advanced that the time necessary for recovery has been greatly reduced.
There are several different procedures that brides and grooms may consider before saying “I do.” Listed below are the most popular.


Procedure: An injection into the muscle between the brows and/or the eyes to block nerve impulses that cause forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet. When injected under the arms, it can stop sweating.
Plan ahead: 1 month


Procedure: Application of a liquid chemical solution that removes the upper layers of skin, revealing younger-looking layers underneath. Peels may be light, medium or deep. Recovery is variable depending on strength
Plan ahead: 2-3 weeks for a light peel; multiple treatments optional


Procedure: Light “sanding” of upper layer of skin to smooth skin and reduce blemishes and wrinkles.
Plan ahead: 2 weeks; often more than one treatment required.


Procedure: Injections to fill out wrinkles, plump lips, reduce laugh lines.
Plan ahead: One month minimum. Treatment takes less than one hour, but allow time for redness and swelling to disappear.


Procedure: Surgery to change the size or shape of the nose.
Plan ahead: Six months minimum.


Procedure: Minimally invasive surgery to remove the double chin.
Plan ahead: One and a half months minimum


Procedure: Surgery to tighten and rejuvenate the face, giving it a more youthful appearance.
Plan ahead: One and a half months minimum

Dr. Raymond Lee is an award winning, double board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in facial rejuvenation under local anesthesia. He has been practicing in Orange County for over 10 years and has performed 4000 facial rejuvenation procedures under light anesthesia.

Dr. Lee has been voted The #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County by the OC Register. Dr. Lee wants you to “Experience Beauty, the most natural way”. Dr. Lee’s does not believe in the old traditional facelift. Over the course of his career he has mastered the art and science of facial rejuvenation with natural results, minimal sedation, and easy recovery. His signature “FACEology LIFT” (face and neck lift alternative) is the embodiment of all these elements and is what he is widely sought out for.


Newport Beach  PH. 949 706 2277

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