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Published on December 14, 2017

As we age, our skin loses elasticity when the skin’s collagen and elastin break down faster than they are rebuilt. This leads to wrinkles and areas of loose, sagging skin. This is most notably over areas of delicate and thin skin, such as the eyes, leading to hooding and making you appear older. Around your mouth and forehead, deep creases develop and the effects of environmental exposure show damaged skin with an uneven appearance.

Skin can begin to sag around the jawline, lips and neck sooner than you’d think. Even the skin covering our bodies can begin to lose resiliency and shape, especially after childbirth or major weight loss. Oftentimes it is loose skin, not fat that creates undesirable bulging and sagging.

The great news is that skin tightening techniques such as PROFOUND® are a proven and effective way of improving the texture, tone and appearance of your skin, especially the face and neck.

Skin tightening is a bit more complex than it sounds. The skin is a living thing, so to achieve tightening and firming, a dynamic approach is best. Thanks to advances in technology and applying the best techniques, skin tightening can be achieved and customized to suit individual needs.

Common Treatment areas for PROFOUND®

The Eyes: Fine lines, brow furrows and skin hooding can make us look tired, aged and worn- down.
The Face: Over time, loose jowls, sagging skin along the neckline and deep lines around the mouth can change the appearance of the face.
The Neck: Aging skin can also affect the skin on our necks, as the effects of gravity, environmental exposure, childbirth and weight loss can lead to sagging and the ‘turkey neck’ affect.

What can you do with PROFOUND®

  • Contour
  • Lift
  • Smooth
  • Eliminate wrinkles

What are the main advantages of PROFOUND®?

  • SINGLE TREATMENT procedure with a 100% response* rate
  • Treats jawline, jowls, wrinkles and other loose areas
  • Yields predictable results with complete control over depth, temperature and time of treatment

Dr. Raymond Lee is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in facial rejuvenation under local anesthesia. He has been practicing in Orange County for the past 11 years, and has performed over 4000 facial rejuvenation procedures under light anesthesia.

Dr. Lee wants you to “Experience Beauty, the most natural way”, and does not believe in the old traditional facelift. Over the course of his career, he has mastered the art and science of facial rejuvenation with natural results, minimal sedation, and easy recovery. His signature “FACEology LIFT” (face and neck lift alternative) is the embodiment of all these elements and is what he is widely sought out for in Orange County.

To contact Dr. Lee, please call 949.706.2277 or via email at

*Based on results of a clinical study in 20 patients, measuring improvement in Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale at 3 months compared to baseline based on independent review of photographs.


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