With Botox Treatments, You Can Say Goodbye To Fine Lines

Published on November 5, 2018

No one is protected from being subject to the development of wrinkles and fine lines as we age. These can appear as early as our late 20’s and make us look much older than we appear. On top of adding years to our face, they make us look dull and unapproachable.

The worst part of fine lines and wrinkles appearing on our faces is that they can be very difficult to get rid of. Age-defying creams and medications simply don’t work for everyone. However, with the increasing popularity of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox, this isn’t a problem anymore.

With Botox, you can say goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles and say hello to young, toned, and refreshed skin.

How Botox Works To Reduce Your Fine Lines

Botox is one of the most sought-after non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the world among men and women. In fact, over 6 million Botox treatments are provided annually across the globe.

Botox is made from a neurotoxin known as botulinum toxin, which can be harmful in large amounts. However, with the right dosage, doctors have been able to utilize this toxin to help people going through the effects of aging eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines that come with it. It does this by relaxing one’s facial muscles.

When Botox is injected into the designated treatment area, it blocks the nerve signals from the brain to the muscles, thereby temporarily paralyzing the muscles responsible for the development of the wrinkles.

In other words, this muscle does not receive the messages from the brain that directs it to contract and move because the Botox injectable has blocked the message transmitter. This causes the wrinkles on your face or neck to relax and soften.

Botox is often used to target common areas on our face and neck where lines and wrinkles most commonly appear. For example, Botox can be used for treating forehead lines, frown lines around your mouth, bunny lines, crow’s feet or laugh lines around the eyes, and others. In some cases, Botox is also used for creating a lifting effect on the eyebrows, making patients look a lot younger than their actual age.

What Can You Expect from the Botox Treatment?

Botox is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that usually takes no more than 15 minutes, but varies slightly based on the areas of treatment. It can be done in such as short time that you can even get it during your lunch break and return to your normal activities without a hitch.

There is no anesthesia required, and you will most likely experience only minimal discomfort.

Your doctor will ask you to contract your facial muscles to see where on your face the first injection should be administered. Then, using a small needle, Botox will be injected into your facial skin, directly into the underlying muscles that are causing the fine lines and wrinkles.

In some cases, the doctor may apply a cold compress or numbing cream to help numb the concerned areas if you are especially sensitive to pain.

Experience Enhanced Beauty with Botox

Procedures like Botox treatments are ideal for those who want to boost their aesthetic appeal quickly without having to undergo a surgery. If you’re interested in learning more about Botox, contact Faceology MD to schedule your consultation today!


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