Medical Tattoo


Newest beauty trend! Depositing skin tone pigment that is slightly darker than the surrounding skin. These spots range in size and dimension across the nose and cheeks to create natural looking freckles. Freckles give a cute, youthful, and fresh look to the face and adds a little extra character.


Micro-pigmentation with skin tone pigments, can camouflage any embarrassing or unsightly body scar. Scars left from facial plastic surgery, breast surgery, tummy tucks, car accidents, burns or lacerations can be covered.

Pigments are matched and blended to your individual skin tone, then deposited into the scar and surrounding skin to camouflage the scar and make it less visible. This treatment also works to add color to loss of pigment (hypopigmentation) as well as lighten up darker pigmentation (hyperpigmentation).

SMP (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation)

SMP provides coverage of donor site transplant strip scars, FUE scars and any other scaring left with hair loss. The camouflage is done by depositing pigment into the scare tissue, making the scar far less visible.

To learn more about the procedure click the link here or contact Dr. Lee anytime if you have any questions.


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